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Join our in-store customer rewards program and you could have a $50 shopping spree in no time! You'll earn a card punch for each $10 you spend on beads, supplies, classes and books. When the card is full you'll get to splurge on anything in the store. Register for a card in person at Ornamentea.

Beadfreaks who subscribe to the weekly store newsletter learn about special deals, free class opportunities and other offers. Sign up for the newsletter here and you won't miss a deal.

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If your purchase doesn't reach a $10 increment amount, you can buy more craft ingredients to get a stamp, or help us support a local charity! Donate the difference in amount that would equal the next $10 stamp (for instance, if you purchase $17.00 worth of items - donate $3.00) - and we'll give you another punch on your beadfreak card!

Each month we support a different local charity through our Pop-Up Sundays and our Round Up Jar. You can contribute when you visit our store. For more information about Pop-Up Sunday, visit

The fine print: We will punch your card for in store purchases such as beads, craft supplies, classes and other non-sale items. Sorry, we cannot punch your card for sale merchandise and trunk show purchases. Card registration requires name, address, phone number and email address. The card may not be shared. The card is not transferable; we will only punch your card for your purchases. We punch the card in $10 increments; you are encouraged to round up your purchases to ensure the maximum punches. $50 shopping spree must be redeemed in store in one purchase.  We reserve the right to deny a beadfreak card or card punches to anyone at any time.


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