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Brooke Bunker
Suzanne Duket
For this bracelet, Suzanne used:
For this bracelet, Brooke used:
Becky Caldwell
Quinn Henderson
  For this necklace, Becky used:
For this decoupage project, Quinn used:
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Customer Showcase
Lorelei Eurto
Heather Bhambhani
For this necklace, Heather used:
For this bracelet, Lorelei used:
Adria Filion

For this pendant, Adria used:

Customer Showcase arriel email jocelyn julie sherri photo tips kari
Julie McCann

For this necklace, Julie used:

For this necklace, Jocelyn used:

Arriel Goodwin Decopatch Bracelet
Kari Pontinen

For this bracelet, Arriel used:

For this bracelet, Kari used:

Sherri Leeder
For this necklace, Sherri used:
Customer Showcase mary wolf email kathleen ashton kristin hubick becky caldwell photography tips erin strother
Erin Strother

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For these earrings, Erin used:

mary wolf

For this necklace, Mary used:

Kristin Hubick

For this pendant, Kristin used:

To learn how to make your own stamped disc - watch our Stamped Disc Tutorial video (click to view)

becky caldwell

For the bracelet to the left, Becky used:

march winners
nikki lee wreath
carly hodges

For this wreath, Nikki used:


For this necklace, Carly used:

paige west

For this necklace, Paige used:

For this chain maille bracelet, Jill used:

kim north
karen naylor

For this necklace, Karen used:


For this necklace, Kim used:

barbara briggs

For these earrings, Barbara used:

carly email karen naylor jill barbara photo tips kim