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Elaine ray ceramic beads & pendants

Elaine Ray has transformed her love for the earth into these small pieces of art. Earth-tone glazes, rich in organic hues, enhance and highlight the individual clay forms. Elaine has said "My most important message is to celebrate the fact that these beads and pendants are made of clay - tiny bits of the land we walk and live on. I always leave a bit of clay showing to remind us of the small pieces of earth that we are holding and wearing." Each piece is hand formed, glazed and then fired to approximately 2290ยบ Fahrenheit. The unique colors and shapes of these bead and pendants beg to be made into beautiful, distinctive, wearable art. Originally from Forest City, IL, Elaine now lives near Raleigh, NC where her clay work has thrived on North Carolina's pottery traditions and community.

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