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Apothecary Rings

Wear your favorite potion or poison in a ring on your finger. We've filled ours with magical mica glitter, but you could put a personal potion in yours.

Create your own versions of these using our Apothecary Bottle Labels template. We aged our labels using cold coffee, you could also use thinned-down watercolor paints.

designed by Cynthia Deis
labels designed by Caitlin Palmieri, with help from the Graphics Fairy

pdfClick here for the printable Apothecary Bottle Labels


-2 Fat Friar glass bottles
-2 ring bases
-2 charms
-16 inches of hemp cording, cut into 2-8 inch pieces
-glitter or other potions
-Diamond Glaze or Decopatch varnish
-cold coffee
-E6000 or 527 Glue


-shallow dish
-paper towels

1.Cut out the labels you want to use on your bottles. Size them carefully and trim any excess. Place each label in a shallow dish and pour a small amount of coffee onto the label. Use a paint brush to push the coffee around and fully coat the label. Allow label to dry on a paper towel until fully dry.

2.Place a very small amount of Diamond Glaze or Decopatch Varnish on the back of the label. Brush it around to coat evenly. Carefully apply the label to the jar in the desired location. You may wish to leave the label uncoated (for a more authentic 'old' look) or coat the surface with Diamond Glaze or Decopatch Varnish (for extended wear and durability.) Remove any excess glaze or varnish from the jar surface.

3.Thread the charm onto the hemp and knot the hemp around the charm loop so that the tails are even. Wrap the hemp around the lip of the jar, positioning the charm to be on the front of the jar. Tie a tight knot over the charm. Trim and fray the ends of the hemp. You may wish to glue the knot.

4.Place the bottle upside down so that it rests on the rim. Place a small drop of glue on top of the bottle and press a ring base into the glue. Check position of the base, then allow to dry for 24 hours.

5.Fill the bottle with your favorite elixir or serum. You may wish to glue the cork to keep the potion inside.

pdfClick here for a printable version of this tutorial

pdfClick here for the printable Apothecary Bottle Labels