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Barcelona Necklace Tutorial

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Barcelona Necklace  
  Barcelona Necklace
  Barcelona Necklace
  Barcelona Necklace
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Barcelona Necklace

Wrapped and stitched, these Elaine Ray ceramic discs lay together as a group. The red-and-yellow color scheme is bright and graphic. Pair this necklace with a neutral sweater or tee for maximum pop.

We've used hand-pained rayon gimp for this project but the holes in the Elaine Ray ceramic discs will accommodate 1 strand of 1.5 mm leather, 3/4 inch dupioni ribbon and many other fibers. For this design, any fiber must be able to pass through the holes at least twice.

Designer Cynthia Deis
finished length 17 inches


- 1 5-piece Elaine Ray Stackable Circle Set
- 6 Elaine Ray Square Beads, 8 mm
- 1 Elaine Ray large center-drilled Lentil Bead
- 1 package of hand-painted rayon gimp


- scissors
- Fray Check thread glue

1.Cut rayon gimp into 1-54 inch/137 cm, 1-10 inch/25 cm, 2-27 inch/69 cm lengths. Set remainder aside for another project. You may wish to finish all ends with Fray Check thread glue by placing a small drop of glue on the fiber and allowing to dry. Trim any loose threads.

2.Lay out your discs in the desired arrangement on a piece of paper and trace around them. Indicate the holes where you will connect the discs via lacing versus the ones that you will simply lace around with x and o marks.

3.Begin by threading the gimp down through the top of the largest disc. Skip to the next hole by passing the gimp under the disc and coming up through the hole. Pull the gimp tight, but leave a 4 inch/10 cm tail of lacing.

4.Thread the gimp down through a hole on the next disc and up through the back of the next disc.There will be two strands of gimp connecting the discs. Continue lacing through and around the discs, counting 4 holes until you reach the point where you will attach the next disc using the method in #3. Continue lacing and attaching the discs, checking back with your layout drawing periodically to assure placement, until you have come back up the other side of the discs. Finish by pulling the lacing cord up through the last hole.

5. Thread a 27 inch/69 cm length of the gimp through the hole where the lacing ended. Center the gimp and then tie an overhand knot using all three strands of cording. Tie an overhand knot 7.5 inches/19 cm from the disc using the two longest strands of the gimp. Feed the large lentil onto one strand after the knot and pass the other strand around the bead. Tie another knot after the bead. Finish the tails by tying square beads along them.

6.Repeat # 5 to add a 27 inch/69 cm strand to the other side of the necklace. Loop the end and tie an overhand knot approximately 5 inches/12.5 cm from the disc bead. Finish the knot tails as pictured. This is the closure, so you may wish to adjust the loop placement to shorten or lengthen the necklace.

7. Locate the center of the 10 inch/25 cm length of gimp. Fit both ends of the gimp through the center top hole on the largest disc (it should be the only one remaining 'empty') and feed the tails of the gimp through the loop. Pull tight so that the cording tails dangle down the front of the discs. Knot square beads along the tails, trimming and sealing the ends with Fray Check if desired.

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