Bat Bracelet

This curved bat sits just right on your wrist, ready to fly. We love him in his natural naked brass finish but you can patina him with heat, paint, or liver of sulphur. Read our painted patina tutorial here.


- 1 long brass bat
- 5 antique brass jumprings, 7mm
- 3 1/2" antique brass extender chain
- 1 brass spring ring clasp
- liver of sulphur
- ultra polishing pads

Optional Charms:
- 2 tiny brass owls
- 1 antique brass headpin, 1"
- 2 star charms
- 1 Swarovski rhinestone ball


- Wire cutter
- Round nose pliers or Wubbers
- Chain nose pliers


1. Using your round pliers or Wubbers bend the tip of one bat wing around to form a loop as shown. Repeat with other wing tip.

2. Using your hands, gently bend the brass bat into a curve that fits the front of your wrist. If you wish to patina the bat, apply the Liver of Sulphur according to the package directions. Rinse and dry bat, use the Ultra Polish Pads to clean the surface and create highlights in the bat

3. Using your cutters, cut extender chain into two sections, on 2 inches, one 1 1/5 inches long.

4. If you wish to add charms or dangles, thread Swarovski rhinestone ball onto head pin and loop using round nose pliers. Open loop on rhinestone ball and attach to 1 1/5 inch chain section. Using your chain nose pliers attach spring clasp to 2 inch chain section.

5. Using your chain nose pliers and jump rings, attach chain sections to each bat wing using two jump rings on the end of each wing for strength. Close jump rings securely. Use remaining jump rings to attach charms as desired.

pdfClick here for a printable version of this tutorial