Beaded Cat Pendant

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Beaded Cat Pendant

This cute cat pendant is a great addition to any chain. You can create a unique and personalized cat by simply changing the color of the seed beads used.


- 18" of 26-28 gauge wire
- 46 black 8/0 seed beads
- 2 green 8/0 seed beads
- 1 pink 8/0 seed bead
- 1 7mm jump ring


- Chain nose pliers
- Wire Cutters

1. String four beads to the middle of your wire.

2. Add one bead and loop the wire back through the 4th bead.

3. Repeat on the other side to make the second ear.

4. String five beads on one side of the wire and pass the other side of the wire through to secure them.

5. Continue stringing beads in this way, follow the pattern.

6. Secure one end of the wire by wrapping it around the body of the cat.

7. Loop tail wire back around and secure by wrapping wire around body of the cat. Then add a jumpring to hang your black cat pendant.

pdfClick here for a printable version of this tutorial