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Betty's Summer Lunch Date Cuff Tutorial

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Betty's Summer Lunch Date Cuff   Betty's Summer Lunch Date Cuff
  Betty's Summer Lunch Date Cuff
  Betty's Summer Lunch Date Cuff
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Betty's Summer Lunch Date

It is 1963. June. The children are off at summer camp for two weeks and Betty is going to spend a bit of time getting to know that handsome new neighbor. It's just a lunch date. She's a married woman. Nothing to talk about.

This cuff features beads collaged onto a beading screen using flexible beading wire. The two strands of Memory Wire make the cuff flexible, comfortable and cool.

If you have never used Memory Wire before it is a steel wire that holds its shape. Because it is so hard to pull Memory Wire straight it is measured in 'turns.' A turn is one complete circle. Memory Wire must also be cut with Memory Wire sheers as it will dent even the toughest wire cutters.


- 1 screen pendant set
- 2.5 turns Memory Wire, cut into two 1.25 turn pieces
- Beads (please choose these sizes, but beads can be faceted or round)
     - 23 of size 8mm
     - 21 of size 6mm
     - 39 of size 4mm
- 2 heavy head pins, 1.5 inch
- 2 jump rings, 5mm
- 36 inches beading wire, .014" 21 strand


- Wire looping pliers
- Wire cutters
- Chain nose pliers
- Memory wire cutters

1. Thread an 8 mm bead onto the beading wire and stitch the beading wire onto the center of the screen as shown. Knot the beading wire on the back of the beading screen leaving one long tail. Pass this longer tail to the front of the beading screen.

2. Thread 7-6mm beads onto the long tail of the beading wire and loop them around the 8 mm bead. Pass the beading wire through the beading screen to the back of the screen next to the first bead on the strand. You should have a circle of 6 mm beads around the 8 mm bead. Using the beading wire stitch the bead circle down to the beading screen. End with the beading wire coming through the front of the beading screen.

3. In an alternating pattern thread 7-4 mm and 7-6 mm beads onto the beading wire. Loop the beads around the circle of 6 mm beads and stitch down as in step #2. Knot the beading wire on the back of the beading screen.

4. Fit the beading screen into the prong back. Using your chain nose pliers fold down the prongs taking care not to scratch the back. Feed one Memory Wire turn between the beading screen and the prong back under a prong. Repeat with the remaining Memory Wire turn on the opposite prong.

5. On to one end of a Memory Wire turn feed beads in the following order: 1-4mm, 1-6mm, 5-8mm, 1-6mm, 7-4 mm. Using your round nose pliers turn the end of the memory wire into a spiral wrap as shown. Repeat with remaining ends of the Memory Wire.

6. Thread an 8 mm bead onto a head pin. Trim and loop the head pin to create a dangle. Repeat with remaining 8 mm bead. Using chain nose pliers and 5 mm jump rings attach the bead dangles to the loops on the ends of the cuff bracelet.

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