Briland Castaway Necklace

Briland Castaway Necklace

What to do when your three-hour cruise strands you on a remote island for ages? Pour yourself a cocktail, don your very best white sundress and make this necklace out of cowrie shells, beads traded from the island natives and the last shreds of your caftan collection.

But we digress...

This necklace features breezy strands of Tina Given's prints layered up with beachy shells and tropical-water-blue beads. The mix of patterns and colors will delight you throughout your vacation and during drinks with the girls back at home.

If you are worried about the fit of the necklace, don't be. This style of wire choker is surprisingly comfortable and allows you to have a close-fitting necklace without actually choking your neck.

Project designed by Cynthia Deis & Elizabeth Wingfield
Fabric designed by Tina Givens

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