Cairo Necklace Tutorial

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Cairo Necklace

Dramatically long, this pendant necklace is perfect for layering over an asymmetrical tee or chunky sweater. The scarab is easy to add holes to, and the bead cap trick on the tassels is a nice way to finish off a tassel to make a matching set of earrings.

finished length 36 inches
designed by Cynthia Deis


- 1 brass scarab
- 4 tassels
- 4 tea leaves bead caps
- 4 extra thick brass head pins, 1 inch
- 4 round jump rings, 5 mm
- 2 round jump rings, 7 mm
- 1 spring ring clasp, 12 mm
- 1 square jump ring
- 36 inches of Medium Knurled Oval chain, divided into 2-18 inch pieces


- Metal hole punch, either Eurotool Two-Hole punch or Euro-Punch Pliers
- Metal file or sandpaper
- Wire cutters
- Round nose pliers
- Round/flat pliers


1.Using scissors, cut the loop atop the tassel in the middle. Tie both ends of the cording into a tight knot right above the tassel. Fit a head pin into the knot. Place a small drop of glue on top of the knot, covering both sides of the knot. Repeat this with all tassels. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

2.Select one of the dry tassels. Using scissors, trim the excess cording on each side of the knot. Fit a bead cap onto the head pin and bend, trim and loop the head pin to make a dangle. Using your fingers and your pliers, fit the bead cap around the top of the tassel, pushing the leaf points inward. Repeat with remaining tassels.

3.Using a metal hole punch, add holes to the scarab as shown. Punch from front to back to make sure you don't deface the surface details. Finish the holes with a file or sandpaper to remove any burrs.

4.Remove one link from each section of chain. Attach each chain link to a separate tassel. Using a 5 mm jump ring, attach one of the linked tassels to the outer wing of the scarab. Repeat with the remaining linked tassel on the other side of the scarab. Using 5 mm jump rings, attach the remaining tassels to the inside holes on the scarab.

5.Use the 7 mm jump rings to attach the chain sections to each side of the scarab. Attach the square jump ring and the clasp to the ends of the necklace.

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