Day Glow Earrings Tutorial

  Day Glow Earrings
  Day Glow Earrings
  Day Glow Earrings
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Day Glow Earrings

These sunny earrings will brighten your day!

Designed by Erin Siegel


- 2 12mm beads
- 2 large kidney ear wires
- 2 3" headpins
- 3" of 2.5mm crystal chain
- 36" of Irish waxed linen cord


- Chain nose
- Round nose
- Cutters
- Scissors

1. Use 18" of waxed linen to tie an overhand knot onto 1 headpin, leaving a 3" tail as shown.

2. String 1 ceramic round onto both cord ends and the headpin as shown.

3. Using the long end of cord, wrap around the headpin and the short tail above the bead as shown. Tie the two ends of cord together with a square knot, trim and make a wrapped loop above the linen wraps as shown.

4. Hold a 1 ½" piece of crystal chain on top of 1 kidney ear wire. Place the middle of the remaining waxed linen cord under the first crystal in the chain and wrap the cord around the chain and the ear wire in a criss-cross fashion as shown. Tightly wrap until all the chain is securely attached to the ear wire. Tie the two ends of cord together with a square knot and trim close to the knot.

5. Attach the beaded dangle to the ear wire and repeat steps for the second earring.

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