Felt Ball Mini-Wreath Tutorial

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Felt Ball Mini-Wreath

Create a sweet holiday wreath using felt balls and memory wire. The stiff wire will hold the wreath to the proper round shape easily. Mix colors or create single-color wreaths to hang on the wall or door, or tie onto a holiday package.

We used luxurious silk duiponi ribbon to create the bows on these wreaths. This ribbon frays naturally as you knot it, adding texture and interest to the design.

This project can be customized by using bracelet-size memory wire or smaller or larger felt balls. You can add beads in between the felt balls, or embellish the felt balls with sewn-on beads or sequins.

finished size approx. 8" in diameter
designer Ndidi Kowalczyk


-1 turn plus 1 inch of necklace-size memory wire
-15 wool felt balls, 2 cm
-1 yard silk duiponi ribbon


- chain nose pliers
- round nose pliers
- memory wire shears
- wire cutters

About cutting memory wire:
It is very difficult to stretch out and measure memory wire. An easier method is to measure memory wire in 'turns.' Starting at the end, go one time time around the circle for one turn. 
You will need memory wire cutters for cutting memory wire. As the wire is made of steel, it will dent or damage regular wire cutters.


1. Using your chain nose pliers, create a rolled loop in the end of the memory wire. Feed a felt ball onto the other end of the memory wire. The memory will pass through the felt like a needle. You may need to twist a bit at times. Continue feeding the felt balls onto the wire, in the desired order, until the wreath is almost filled up. Using your round nose pliers create a second rolled loop to hold the balls on the memory wire. There will be a rolled loop on each end of the wire now.

2.Fold the ribbon in half so that the ends are even. Create an overhand knot, using both strands, approx. 1 inch from the center fold. This will be the hanging loop for your wreath. Feed one of the ribbon ends through both of the rolled loops on the memory wire and pull up to the knot. Tie the ribbon ends together to secure the wreath. Tie the ribbon ends to create the bow. Trim the ribbon ends as desired.

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