Forest Walk Necklace Tutorial


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Forest Walk Necklace

This necklace features enameled components from Gardanne.
Falling leaves and a vine of hand-dyed fiber create an autumnal mood in this necklace.
The design does not have a clasp - simply slip it over your head to wear.
If you adjust the length shorter you may wish to add a clasp such as the Vine and Leaf toggle.

designed by Cynthia Deis
Finished length 33 inches


- 2 Gardanne enameled leaves (we used a larger and a smaller oak leaf)
- 2 Keith O'Connor copper cube beads
- 1 Keith O'Connor large tab bead
- 26 inches of hand-dyed rick rack
- 1 2-inch gold plated hoop earring finding
- 6 inches of cable chain, oval links, 2x4 mm in copper
- 6 inches of soldered link extender chain in antique copper
- 6 inches of medium knurled oval chain in antique brass
- 3 round antique brass jump rings, 7mm
- 2 fold over leather ends in antique brass
- 4 inches of antique brass or antique copper craft wire, 20 gauge
- 7 bronze or copper seed beads, 8/0
- 6 green iris Czech seed beads, 6/0


- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Scissors
- Ruler


1. Using scissors, cut 2-2 inch sections from the rick rack. Set aside. Using your chain nose pliers, attach the fold-over leather ends to each end of the remaining long section of rick rack. Set aside. Remove one link from the brass chain section and set it aside

2. Attach a 7 mm jump ring to the top of one of your leaves. Note that the earring hoop finding has one end with a tiny hole in it. Thread 33-8/0 seed beads onto the other end until the hoop is 1/2 way covered in beads. Thread 1- 6/0 bead onto the finding. Thread the jump ring attached to the leaf charm, then the end of each chain section. Continue adding 27-8/0 seed beads and then 5-6/0 seed beads to the earring finding. Bend the last bit of the wire upward to a 90-degree angle. Fit the wire through the hole in the opposite end of the earring finding and create a loop with your round nose pliers. Using a 7 mm jump ring, attach the other leaf to the loop so that it hangs in the inside of the beaded circle.

3. Use a 7 mm jump ring to attach the remaining chain ends together. Set necklace section aside. Using your round nose pliers, create a wrapped loop on one end of the 20 gauge wire. Fit the Keith O'Connor beads onto the wire and tie the two 2-inch rick rack sections between the beads. Use your round nose pliers to wire wrap this beaded wire section to the fold over crimp on one end of the rick rack.

4. Use the remaining link from the brass chain section to attach the other end of the rick rack to the loop on the top of the beaded circle to complete your necklace.

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