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Northern Lights Necklace Tutorial

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Northern Lights Necklace  
  Northern Lights Necklace
  Northern Lights Necklace
  Northern Lights Necklace
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Northern Lights Necklace

Designer Cynthia Deis

Create a galaxy worth of sparkle around your neck with this design. The Swarovski drops attach to the chain with jump rings so there is a lot of movement and motion as you wear the necklace. Are you looking for a pattern in those crystals? Don't try, we mixed the colors up just like the real Northern Lights.

This project uses chain with open links; there is no need to cut anything! Just open and close the chain links and jump rings with your chain nose pliers. Check out our Basic Instructions here for how to use jump rings.


- 31 Swarovski Crystal Drops
- 37 antique brass oval jump rings, 3 x 4mm
- 1 antique brass lobster claw clasp
- 4 antique brass twisted jump rings, 8 mm
- 11 inches antique brass extender chain, divided into two, equal 5 ½ inch sections
- 23 inches antique brass Bar Vagure chain, divided into 1-16 link section, 1-22 link section and 1-28 link section. Reserve any additional links and jump rings.


- Chain nose pliers

This necklace is easier to make if you have a neck form or mannequin to work on. Attaching the dangles can get tricky when the design is lying flat.

1. Open the end link on a section of the extender chain and attach it to the ring on the lobster claw clasp. Open up the other end of the chain section and attach it to two twisted jump rings. Close securely. Attach the remaining two jump rings to the other section of extender chain.

2. Locate the shortest section of Bar Vagure chain. Open an oval jump ring and feed it through the one of the end links on the section and around 2 of the twisted jump rings. Repeat to attach the other end of the Bar Vagure section to the other pair of twisted jump rings. The chain links will form little wave shapes. NOTE:If you have a mannequin or dress form this is the time to put your project on the form. If you are working flat on a table take care to constantly check links as you attach chain sections and dangles. Using oval jump rings attach the remaining Bar Vagure chain sections to the pairs of twisted jump rings. Note that they are in the correct order (16 link, 22 link, 28 link) and that the chain links are facing the right way.

3. Using oval jump rings attach the crystal dangles to the Bar Vagure sections. Attach a crystal 1 link in on the 16-link section and then proceed by attaching a dangle to every other link. Attach a crystal 3 links into the 22-link section and then proceed by attaching one every other link, leaving the last 3 links without a dangle. Attach a crystal 2 links in on the 28 link section and then proceed by attaching a dangle to every other link, leaving the last 2 links without a dangle. You may mix the crystals as you go.

4. Using the last crystal and last oval jump ring attach a crystal to the ring of the lobster claw clasp.

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