Sankofa Coil Ring Tutorial

Sankofa Coil Ring  
  Sankofa Coil Ring
  Sankofa Coil Ring
  Sankofa Coil Ring
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Sankofa Coil Ring

Create a comfortable, sturdy wire ring with these instructions. The coiled band is very smooth against the finger and the design shows off a single trade bead or ceramic bead very nicely.

Do watch the fit on this ring, that coiled band uses up a lot of space and you'll need to follow our chart and size up a bit to make this ring fit correctly.

Designer Cynthia Deis


- 1 bead, 12 mm or larger, curved tube-style beads work well, as do flat ceramic beads
- 28 inches of soft or half-hard wire, 22 gauge


- plastic or wooden ring stick with groove on reverse
- finger gauge  (ring size gauge)
- wire cutters
- chain nose pliers

1. Using the gauge and our chart, determine the size ring you want to make. Find that number on the ring stick. Using your hands, wrap the wire twice around the ring stick so that the ends are even.  

2. Fit the bead onto one end of the wire. Fit the second end through the bead so that each side of the bead has a wire tail emerging from it. You'll have three strand of wire around the ring stick and two tail strands going through the bead. Check sizing.

3. Twist the ring stick so that the bead is laying over the groove. Check the sizing again and tighten up the wire if you need to. Wrap one tail of the wire around the three ring band wires right next to the bead and pull tightly. Wrap the wire a few more times around this side, making sure the wire wraps lay close to one another. This will lock in the sizing and you can now remove the ring from the stick if you wish.

4. Continue wrapping the wire tail around the band wires until you reach the middle of the back of the ring. Wrap the other tail on the other side of the band. When both tails reach the back of the ring, trim the ends and use the chain nose pliers to smooth any rough spots.


Sizing chart
to make a ring that is                         start at this spot on the ring stick
8.5                                                       10
7                                                          9
5.5                                                       8


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