Scallop Laced Earrings


Scallop Laced Earrings

Lace a metal ring with a layer of beads and wire for a delicate touch. These earrings can be dressed up with pearls and gold, or more casual with seed beads and copper as shown here.


- 12" of 24 or 26 gauge wire
- 50 seed beads, 11/0
- 2 hammered hoops, 33mm
- 2 ear wires
- 4 jump rings, 5mm


- Chain nose pliers
- Wire Cutters

1. Cut wire into two equal pieces. Use your chain nose pliers to bend a U shape in the end of one wire section, approximately 1/2 inch from the end.

2. Fit the wire over one of the hoops. Gripping the tail with your fingers, wrap the wire 3 times around the hoop. Thread 5 beads onto the wire and pass the wire behind the hoop, forming a small arc with the beads as shown. Wrap the wire 3 times around the hoop again.

3. Repeat the wrap-bead-wrap sequence until you have 5 arcs of beads. Use the remaining wire to wrap 3 times around the hoop. Use your wire cutters to trim the wire and make sure you don't have any sharp ends.

4. Use two jump rings to attach the ear wire to the hoop.

5.Repeat steps 1-4 to make your second hoop.

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