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verdigris finish seahorse necklace

verdigris finish seahorse verdigris finish seahorse
verdigris finish seahorse verdigris finish seahorse verdigris finish seahorse verdigris finish seahorse

Verdigris Finish Tutorial

Use this tutorail to learn how to paint an antiqued or verdigris patina on raw brass findings, stampings, and filigree.


- Charms to paint (we used these seahorses)
- Spray paint in 2-3 colors. For the painted seahorse: use a light, acid green and a darker, kelly green
- Clear spray paint as a finish coat
- Paper towels or a smooth surface scrap cloth (not terry cloth)
- Gloves (optional)
- Paper or cardboard to use as a painting surface

1. Clean your brass. Use dish soap to wash the brass to remove any finishing oils or dirt. This is especially important if you have worn the charm already or if it is a vintage, flea market find. Skin oils or oils used in the manufacturing process will make the paint pop off. Wash the charm in soapy water and then dry it with a clean paper towel. Handle cleaned brass with a paper towel or with gloved hands.

2. Place the dry and cleaned charms on your painting surface. Using the kelly green paint, paint them with a thin coat. Immediately pick the charm up with a paper towel or glovedhand and use a second towel to wipe the surface, leaving paint in the details. Allow to dry 10 minutes.

3. Place the charms back on your painting surface. Repeat the painting and wiping with the acid green paint. These two steps can be repeated several times until you are pleased with the amount of verdigris finish. Allow painted charms to dry 1-2 hours.

4. Place the charms on painting surface and coat with a thin layer of the clear spray paint. This seals the surface and adds depth to the finished patina. Allow to dry overnight before using in a design.

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Seahorse Necklace Seahorse Necklace
  Seahorse Necklace
  Seahorse Necklace
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Seahorse Necklace

Learn how to make this graceful summery necklace, using your verdigris finish seahorses. This design features a central seahorse pendant and an asymmetrical double chain and pearl spiral. The necklace is finished with a square jump ring at the clasp.


- One large seahorse charm
- One small seahorse charm
- 19” antique brass bar chain, cut into one 2” section, two 5” sections, and one 7” section
- One antique brass square jump ring, 1/2"
- One antique brass spring ring clasp, 12mm
- 3 antique brass jump rings, 7 mm
- 5” brass wire, 24 g
- 16 glass pearls, 3-6 mm


- Chain nose pliers


1. Wire wrap one end of the brass wire. Feed 14 pearls onto it (reserving two for the clasp end of the necklace) and create a wrapped loop at the end of the pearls.

2. Twist this strand of wired pearls around your finger or a pencil to create a loose coil, like a strand of bubbles rising in the ocean.

3. Use a 7 mm jump ring to attach one end of the coil to the 7” chain section, the 2” chain section and the large seahorse.

4. With your chain nose pliers, open a 7 mm jump ring and feed it through the other end of the pearl spiral, the 2” chain section and both of the 5” chain sections. Close securely.

5. Use the remaining 7 mm jump ring to attach the smaller seahorse to the 7” section of chain as shown.

6. Use the remaining brass wire to wire wrap the remaining pearls to the clasp ends of the chain. Add the clasp and the square jump ring and you are finished!

pdfClick here for a printable version of this tutorial