Silver Branches Bracelet Tutorial

Frayed Floss Bangle  
  Frayed Floss Bangle
  Frayed Floss Bangle
  Frayed Floss Bangle
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SIlver Branches Bracelet

Designer: Erin Siegel


- 1 strand of charlotte silver-coated size 8 seed beads
- 1 antique pewter twig toggle set
- 5 yards of walnut brown Irish waxed linen cord


- Ruler
- Scissors

1. Cut the linen cord into four 40 inch pieces. Use all 4 cords to string the bar half of the toggle clasp. String the bar to the center of the cords. Fold the cords in half; form an overhand knot with all the cords together as shown.

2. Use one cord to string 3 seed beads. Measure about ½ inch from the previous knot and form an overhand knot, capturing the 3 seed beads as shown. Repeat 10 times down the length of the cord. Repeat entire step for the remaining 7 cords.

3. Bring all 8 cords tighter and form an overhand knot as shown. Separate the cords in half. Use 4 cords to string the ring half of the clasp as shown. Tie all the cords together with a square knot as shown. Trim ends to ¼".


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