Tordu Linen Bracelet Tutorial

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Tordu Linen Bracelet  
  Tordu Linen Bracelet
  Tordu Linen Bracelet
  Tordu Linen Bracelet
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Tordu Linen Bracelet

Add color and texture to our big ball chain with this wrapping technique and a tiny linen tassel. The waxed linen ties tightly and won’t come untied-thanks to that wax coating. You can add additional color by varying the shades of linen or the bead colors.

The secret to creating the ends on the bracelet is using flexible bead caps to hold the ball chain. The caps are secured to the ball chain with pressure, the leaves curve nicely around the beads and give you a finished end.

As this bracelet was made in North Carolina, it has a tiny NC charm. Add your own state charm to yours to show where it was made.

designer Cynthia Deis

Length 7.5 inches

Note-you can adjust the length of this bracelet by adding ball chain links.


- 6 inches of #20 ball chain
- 2 Tea Leaves bead caps, antique brass
- 2 Fluted bead caps
- 2 extra thin headpins, antique brass
- 2 Fluted bead caps
- 1 spring ring clasp, 19 mm
- 2 square jump rings, antique brass, 3/8x.06
- 1 -thick jump ring, antique brass, 7 mm
- 156 inches of 4-ply waxed linen, cut into 13-12” pieces
- 1 piece of 4-ply waxed linen, 6 inch
- 1 state charm (we used NC)
- 1 oval jump ring, antique brass, 4x5 mm


- chain nose pliers
- scissors
- round nose pliers
- marker or 1/2 inch dowel rod

1.Thread a head pin with one Fluted bead cap and one Tea Leaf bead cap as shown. The smaller Fluted bead cap keeps the head pin from slipping out of the Tea Leaf bead cap. Fit the end of the ball chain section into the Tea Leaf bead cap and use your chain nose pliers to bend the leaves downward and around the ball. Once the bead cap is securely attached to the ball use your round nose pliers to create a wrapped loop with the head pin. Trim the excess wire from the head pin if needed. Repeat this on the remaining end.

2.Hold a 12-inch section of linen so that it overlaps the ball chain just under the bead cap. Holding a 1-inch tail, as pictured, wrap the linen tightly around the connector in between the ball links. Add a bead and double knot the linen strands. Trim ends if needed. Repeat this, adding linen and a bead to each section of ball chain.

3.Using your chain nose pliers, open a square jump ring and attach it to one end of your bracelet. Close the ring securely and repeat to add the second square jump ring. Use your pliers to add the clasp to the other end of the bracelet. Add the state charm with the oval jump ring.

4.Wrap the remaining piece of linen around a marker or dowel rod as shown. Slip the coiled linen off the marker. Fit a jump ring around the coiled linen and tighten the jump ring. Use the remaining 6-inch piece of linen to wrap around the top of the tassel. Cut the tassel ends and trim any excess. Open the jump ring and add the tassel to the bracelet.

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