Wine Cork Gnomes Tutorial

Wine Cork Gnomes  
  Wine Cork Gnomes
  Wine Cork Gnomes
  Wine Cork Gnomes
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Wine Cork Gnomes

These little forest folk can be toys or decor. Stand one atop your bookshelf, put one on your nightstand; wherever these gnomes live they will bring a bit of forest magic.

This project is great for children ages 3+, with some help from adults or older children. The glue gun will be hot, and the felting needle sharp, but they can be used safely on this gnome. Have some fun with your gnome-he can have a head and beard of any color!

designer Cynthia Deis

Ingredients (per gnome)

- 1 oz wool roving
- 1 felt ball, 2 cm
- 3 seed beads
- 1 wine cork
- 1 bead cap (we really like the tea leaves bead cap)
- 1 bead (for putting inside the crown)


- ribbon or fabric strip for a scarf (about 5 inches per scarf)
- yarn scraps to make braids or curly hair
- paper for cone hats


- scissors
- glue gun with hot glue sticks
- felting needle
- beading needle and thread

Plug in your glue gun to allow the glue to heat up.

1. Using your needle and thread, sew the eyes on your felt ball. This is easier to do before you add the hair. You can hide the knot from the sewing under the 'neck' part of the head or under the hair.

2. Divide your roving into hair, beard and mustache/eyebrows. Note that it takes a VERY small amount for the eyebrows! Using your felting needle, begin felting the hair to the top of the gnome's head with short, stabbing pokes. Felt the hair until it is firmly attached, but make sure it still looks like hair.

3.Using your felting needle attach the beard along the jaw line of the gnome's head. It helps to felt the beard in a straight line along the jaw and leave the bottom of the beard loose and a little wild.

4.If you wish to add eyebrows or a mustache you can do so by twisting the last tiny bit of roving and felting it gently above the beard (leave a gap for the mouth) or above the eyes. Gnomes have wild hair, so don't worry about making this too neat.

5.Using your needle and thread, sew up through the gnome's head. Feed the needle through the crown, through the crown bead and then through the remaining seed bead. Pass the needle back through the crown bead and the crown, down through the head to lock the crown onto the head.  

6.Using your glue gun, put a small dab of glue on the top of your cork. Press the gnome's head down into the cork and glue to secure.

to add a scarf-
Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck of your gnome. You may want to use the glue gun to glue down the ends of the scarf.

to create ponytails-
Place roving along the top of the head. Felt a line through the hair where the part would be. Gently felt the sides of the head to secure the hair. Tie hair in bunches with yarn or ribbon.

to create yarn hair or braids-
For braids, cut 3 pieces of yarn at least 6 inches long. Lay them in a parallel line atop the gnome's head. Use your felting needle to attach the yarn in the center (along where the part would be.) Once the hair is secure, braid each side. You may wish to add additional yarn or roving to make the braids look more realistic, or use a paper cone hat with the gnomes wearing braids.

to create a paper cone hat-
Cut a 2.5 inch circle from a piece of wrapping paper, scrap book paper or other stiff paper. Cut the circle in half. Using your hands, shape the 1/2 circle into a cone. Check the size on your gnome, then glue the cone together with your glue gun. Attach the cone hat to the gnome's head with a glue gun.

Go crazy! Add bead necklaces or crowns to the gnomes, give them capes, create whole gnome families.

don't have any wine corks? ask your friends or try a local wine shop!

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