Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet  
  Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet
  Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet
  Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet
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Rolo Chain Cuff Bracelet

Stack these cuff bracelets up on your wrist for a bit of metallic gleam. Easy to wrap up using short bits of rolo chain, they'll be favorites every day of the week.

Note: Rolo chain has links made of half-round wire in uniform size. You can substitute another chain, but the wrapping may not be as easy and the final design may look very different.

Designer: Sarah Tector
Instruction : Cynthia Deis

Watch our video here before you start!


- 8 inches of wire, 14 gauge
- 36 inches of wire, 24 gauge
- 2.5 inches of Rolo Chain


- Chasing hammer
- Steel bench block
- wire cutters
- chain nose pliers
- optional - Wood bracelet mandrel

1. Flatten each end of the 14 gauge wire using the chasing hammer and the bench block. Using the round nose pliers create a small loop in each end of the wire. Curve the bracelet into shape using the bracelet mandrel or your hands.

2. Locate a point 1/3 along the length of the bracelet. Starting with the end of the 24-gauge wire, wrap tightly 8x around the bracelet starting at this point. Feed the end of the wire chain link onto the 24 gauge wire and wrap 3x though the link as shown. Wrap the wire 3x around the bracelet, skipping the next link, and then feed the wire through the third link and wrap 3x through the link. Repeat this pattern until you have wrapped the complete length of chain onto the bracelet. Finish by wrapping the 24 gauge wire 8x around the bracelet and then trim the end. Use your chain nose pliers to smooth the wire end.


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