memory framesFree Shipping!

I really have to thank all of you.  I've been waiting for this delivery and first the post office messed up the tracking information.  But that's okay.  I've just been watching for it.  The package just arrived.

The real reason for my thanks is because the box was smashed up pretty badly and some of the tape on the box had come loose and one flap was actually open.  My heart stopped for a second but thankfully everything is intact.  And that is because of how you wrap and double wrap the supplies inside the box.  I can't thank you enough for taking the extra time to do that so that our packages can arrive damaged on the outside but perfectly safe on the inside!  phew!

For many reasons, I will be a repeat customer.  I'm a very new jewelry maker and first impressions are so important.  Your beads and tools and other supplies are just perfect for me, your service keeps making me smile and you keep sending discount codes!  Thank you for all that you do to help someone like me begin more quickly than I would normally be able. - Claudia R

A belated thank you for the wonderful handcrafted Valentine's Day card and for wishing me a good move to my new studio.

Ornamentea is one of the very best businesses in all of North Carolina. Probably the US. Friendly, helpful, thoughtful, always there to answer questions, great products, and the very best staff!

(The card came at a perfect time and I have looked at it by my computer daily and every day I would think about writing you a note to let you know how much it was appreciated. So finally, here it is!)
-Jeanne R.

I feel so lucky to know such amazing and creative women from Ornamentea! Whether it is coming in to the store to pick up a "1 or 2 things" (I can't remember the last time I walked out with only 1 or 2 things!), attending a class, going to Metals Club, chatting/working at a bead show – it is always a blast! I appreciate all the help and support with my creative process over the years and look forward to more adventures in the future. By the way, I always wanted to share this thought but never really had the right opportunity...anyone can open a bead shop but it is truly an art to open and run a creative paradise. We are so blessed to have not only this creative paradise but more importantly to have the fabulous spirits and souls within it and I thank you for that.
With warmth and friendship, Fran

I am so glad that I finally figured out that you have this nice newsletter! I love all the supplies that I have from Ornamentea and I am creatively figuring out ways to get more of them! Your site and your store are filled with a wealth of awesome project ideas and inspiration. I just wish that there was an Ornamentea store in my neck of the woods because I would be taking all the classes that I could! Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful resource that you provide.

I recently discovered your great website! I love all the unique tutorials.
-Tracy M.

I received my online order today and I am very pleased. Your prices were reasonable and the quality of what I ordered was great! I can't wait to get started putting everything I bought to good use. I just became interested in Steampunk jewelry and I was thrilled to find some items I was looking for. I bought the book Steampunk Style Jewelry recently and found out about your store on the Supplies page in the back. I am so glad I did. I am sure this will be the first of many Ornamentea orders.
Warm regards, Dorinda

Just watched your video tutorial on rosary links. I am fairly new at this and these are very helpful AND very easy to understand. Thank you and keep up the good work. ;-}
- Melinda

I'm working on some new jewelry designs and I've spent 8 hours on your wonderful site. You ladies/guys rock big time. Love, love, love your ideas/selections/tutorials, etc. You surely have it going on there at Ornamentea. Just keep up the great work. I'm just jealous that I'm here in Eastern PA and not in one of your locations. I'd be a groupie, for sure - hanging out frequently. But, your site is wonderful. -Ginny G.

I just love the tutorials that you have out on your website. I think I have made three for me and two more for my sister-in-law for Christmas! I find getting in the printable form to be invaluable -- especially when I bring them to the store and buy the materials listed! ;-)
-Kelly W.

I just love your store and get a lot of inspiration browsing your products and tutorials. -Heidi

You have a beautiful website where everything is in order and easily navigated. -Stacy

I just wanted to let you know what great products you have. I have been searching for antique brass findings for a while and you have a great selection at very reasonable prices. I love your ideas as well. -Debby M.

I had a great experience shopping at! I love their unusual beads, variety of supplies and they are affordable with speedy turnaround times...whether it is their notification of items out of stock or or processing...I will be back! - Millie

I just stumbled across your site, and my jaw dropped! This is the most amazing site that I have come across in a long time. I was so excited to see that you all carried EVERYTHING that I use/need for my jewelry making! And your prices are wonderful! I definitely will be switching my long hours roaming Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics looking for things that they don't sell, to comfortably sitting at my computer and shopping online for things that you all have! Thank you so much for existing!!! -Amanda

Thank you for nice beads, and good service. -Anna

I love, love, love your site. My store and I will be back to shop some more soon I hope! Twas so much FUN!! -Ashley

I just wanted to thank you for my order. All the goodies were in perfect shape when they arrived and I am very happy with the quality of items. No wonder I am going to re-order from you! Thanks again from a happy overseas customer. -Beatriz from Spain

Thanks so much for you "Super-Speedy" shipping service!! I received my order and within 5 minutes had my very first bracelet hooked up with an Alice in Wonderland picture!! Yippie...wahoo...(no I don't really talk like this in person)...Thankyou...thankyou... thankyou... -Carla-happy-to-be-a-jewelry-designer-Ferrara!!

Just a quick notes to let you know that I received my order today. As always, everything is fantastic!! I just love to shop with Ornamentea. Also, I suggested your site to one of my students who wanted my 'vintage' Swarovski rhinestone balls. She informed me that she ordered some of yours in every color...I think she will also be back. -Carol from Oregon

Your customer service is above and beyond!! -Deborah

Just wanted to tell you that the order arrived today! Once again, I am impressed by the speed of your service and the quality of your stuff. Love the little silver charms, and I am looking forward to trying the Diamond Glaze. -Elizabeth from British Columbia

I cannot get enough of Ornamentea! Such funky supplies and great new ideas percolating when I go there! -Erin

I looked at all of your wonderful stuff and I want it all!!! -Hanneke

Your company is so awesome! Your shipping department is the best of anyones! I love Ornamentea and tell all my crafty friends about your website. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Well, I'm telling you now. -Susan from Ontario

I wanted to let you know that I have been so pleased with everything that I've ordered from you in the past few months. I love the ceramic beads and pendants and all the findings are of a lovely quality and good value. Thanks again for finding such wonderful things and offering them at a good price and with excellent service! -Heidi F.

Great site - can't wait to create with my new treasures! -Jamie

Cutest website EVER! -Lisa

I love Ornamentea!! Beautiful beads, findings and more!! What a joyful friendly staff, so helpful!! When I am out in Raleigh, NC I always go to Ornamentea, in the mean time I order online as often as I can! -Megan

Ooh - great site, thanks for the fun and out of the ordinary goodies. -Narra

A couple of weeks ago I was at your shop for the first time looking for wool roving. I purchased the "Fleece Dog" book recently and watched to start a project. The young lady was very helpful selecting a needle and roving. She also offered encouragement that indeed I could do this! Guess what??? I CAN!!!! My first project was a huge success!! I made it as a gift but intend to make more to sell on my Etsy shop. I just wanted to thank you for having the supplies that I needed and for offering such fine customer service! -Pam from Raleigh, NC

Ornamentea is one of my favorite shopping places. They have everything and Elaine Ray is my favorite line to buy. -Roseanne

Thank you for providing those amazing octopus charms! I can't wait to play around with them! -Sarina

Great stuff! I found your site from a bead mag. -Cathy